Past-o-Rama: A Futurama Retrospective

A few years after I originally concluded Me Blog Write Good in 2013, I started a “sequel” blog that I intended to be a more general review space, where I could just talk about whatever movie or show I was watching and cared enough to write down my thoughts about. It was also to be the home of my follow-up to my Simpsons series, covering every episode of Futurama, a show that meant just as much to me growing up as The Simpsons, if not a little more so in some ways, since I’d been watching it from the very beginning. I reviewed the first two episodes, and then shut down the blog forever. I had started it mere months before starting a new career that took up a lot of my time, so I decided just to pull the plug on it. A bit later, when I had a little more time on my hands, I decided to resurrect Me Blog Write Good instead, to cover all the remaining Simpsons episodes I hadn’t talked about up until the present, and have continued my endless journey ever since. I don’t really consider myself a writer, and my impulses to actually write have been very sporadic and fickle. I broadened my scope for this blog in covering Kevin Smith movies last fall, thinking I could cover more non-Simpsons content in the future, but my interest in doing so has pretty much completely diminished. But with Futurama returning yet again for a new run of episodes on Hulu, I feel somewhat compelled to cover it. It’s a show that’s still very near and dear to me, and having survived over so many years and given life in so many new outlets, I feel like there’ll definitely be a lot to say about this new Hulu incarnation. So when Futurama returns this summer (maybe? The series was rumored to drop in July, and I was hoping there would be a trailer or some kind of official announcement by now, but alas, there has not been one), I will be covering those new episodes in similar fashion to my Simpsons reviews. But what about the existing 140 episodes? Well, since I definitely don’t want to cover every single one, I decided to just do a mini-series going over nine highlighted episodes over Futurama‘s run, from the pilot to its (former) series finale. I’ll discuss the episodes specifically, but also talk more broadly about the show itself and how it grew and changed over time. The first review will most likely be up next Thursday following the Simpsons season finale review, and one or two more per week will follow after that (spaced out more depending on when the new Futurama season actually finally premieres). Get ready for a summer filled with actual updates, meatbags, because Futurama‘s back, baby! Again! Again again again!

EDIT: LOL of course the morning this post went up, it’s confirmed Futurama will return on July 24th, so full steam ahead, I guess!

6 thoughts on “Past-o-Rama: A Futurama Retrospective

  1. I know you’ve said you don’t wanna review every single Futurama episode, but at this point I can’t imagine that would be anything but beneficial to your soul after putting up with literal hundreds of mediocre to horrible Simpsons outings.

  2. Since Meanwhile is going to be one of the episodes talked about, I am hoping you don’t just dismiss the Comedy Central era as crap like everyone else seems to like doing. Frankly, there are things I like more about that era over the original, like how the animation was more creative instead of “well, we have CGI money, let’s blow it!” or they did more uncommon pairings for episodes. However, I don’t consider that superior since they dropped the pretense of it being a sci-fi show and just did whatever the fuck they wanted, so when there was a bad episode, there was a BAD episode.

  3. Dang, was hoping you’d cover the whole series bullet point style like your Season 1-11 re-reviews. Curious which 9 you’ll choose (easy guesses would be the pilot ep and the four series finales, maybe Benders Big Score instead of Yonder if you didn’t want to cover 2 of the movies).

    Aw well, I’ll still enjoy finally reading your detailed opinion on the series. The OG series was my favorite show as kid back when I saw them on Adult Swim, and I enjoyed a lot of the CC era, despite having a few rough episodes, especially in Season 7.

    I can’t say I’m excited for the new Season, but I’ve warmed up more to seeing the characters again, probably for the last time before one of the voice actors dies. I trust Cohen/Keeler/the rest of the writers to make something about on par with the CC run. Now stuff like “Zapp Gets Cancelled” and the Q-anon ep I don’t have any hopes for, but I think we’ll get at least 1-2 legitimately great eps in this run.

    1. I never thought about the mortality of the Futurama voice actors vs. the Simpsons, but I guess you’re right. It feels kind of crazy, but Billy West and Tress MacNeille are 71, and Katey Segal is 69. I wonder if there’ll be any noticeable change in their voices in these new episodes. They still sounded on the ball in the last run, though that was ten years ago now.

  4. I’m excited for this! I watched both Classic Simpsons and Futurama for the first time when Covid hit, but while Classic Simpsons completely won me over and became one of my favorite series ever, Futurama never got there. It always felt a bit more “written” in its joke delivery, like early post-classic Simpsons, although Futurama was a bit better than that era of the show. Classic Simpsons managed to make nearly everything feel natural — I think that’s a testament to how well people like Sam Simon fleshed out the Simpsons cast, they felt like real people who just so happened to be funny and represent a cultural stereotype. Futurama’s characters were a bit more muddled.

    Regardless, Futurama is a brilliant show that does a lot of things right. Every other line from the FOX run is a classic meme. It’ll be a nice change of pace from modern Simpsons, that’s for sure!

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