Me Write Blog Good is a blog chronicling one Simpsons fan’s journey in rewatching the entire series, and giving his thoughts episode by episode. It’s a retrospective, it’s a tribute, it’s a questionable way to spend one’s time. But it’ll be funny as hell, guaranteed.

For more details, check the intro post.

And as for why the blog is still running after the initial 444 episodes, read this.

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  1. A truly cromulent project! I’m enjoying reading your posts and am very empathetic because my best friend Karma and I did this a couple years ago when we created an episode guide for teachers to use The Simpsons in various classes (of course, we were able to divide the work by two) for our book _The Simpsons in the Classroom: Embiggening the Learning Experience with the Wisdom of Springfield_. We are continuing our episode guide on our website, http://www.simpsonology.com.

  2. Hi Mike,
    I’m around 30 posts into this. Don’t know if I’ll work up to the present, but I like some of your observations.

    One reason I wanted to write to you, though, is that I noticed you use the word “infamous” incorreclty. Plenty of times you use it to mean “sort of famous,” or “notable to Simpsons fans.” It means something is awful, and noted by everyone for it. Think of Roosevelt’s, “A date which will live in infamy,” speech.

    You are a very good writer, so I just want to see you fix that when you write in the future. Keep up the cromulent work!

  3. Mike, sir, I am a die-hard Simpson fan. I’ve watched every single episode multiple times and still religiously watch the new ones. I just discovered this blog, but it was sort of a buzzkill to see you’d stop at The Great Wife Hope. Why not keep going, then update for new episodes when a new one starts? I would definitely be eternally grateful.

    1. I’m stopping at 444 because that’s when I stopped watching the show; this blog is my personal retrospective from the beginning to the end of my viewership. I considered going further, but honestly, I don’t see much of a point. The show isn’t getting better, and I’ve essentially covered all of its problems already. The reviews are getting incredibly repetitive to me, there just doesn’t seem like there’s much more ground to cover.

  4. I can’t believe I’ve only just discovered this blog – I’m only up to your pieces on Season 2 and already I’m totally addicted to it. Beautiful observations, an enthusiasm that I can totally relate to and overall very nicely written. Thank you!

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