745. Pin Gal

Original airdate: March 19, 2023

The premise: In his attempts to save the failing Barney’s Bowl-o-Rama, Homer takes Marge to the lanes, surprised to see how proficient she is at the sport. The new potential owner proposes he’ll preserve the bowling alley if Marge can beat a challenger of his choice. To prepare her for the match, Homer hires the best bowling instructor he can find, much to Marge’s horror: Jacques. Continue reading “745. Pin Gal”

744. Hostile Kirk Place

Original airdate: March 12, 2023

The premise: Kirk fights to have an embarrassing historical blunder by his great-grandfather, former Mayor of Springfield, not to be taught in school. In his crusade, he gains a cadre of followers who rally behind his “feelings over facts” mindset. Meanwhile, Homer takes advantage of this new town furor by selling branded merchandise to appeal to those who support or oppose Kirk’s new movement. Continue reading “744. Hostile Kirk Place”