The Future?

So if you jumped over to the other blog, Review, Rewatch, Recycle, you might notice that it pretty much died immediately out of the gate. Yeah. Sorry about that. Similar to when I returned to this blog, it seems that whenever I resurrect something, a big life change happens that gets in the way and eats up time. I’m currently training in film and commercial editing, and gunning for a massive career change has monopolized a lot of time in the last few months, and probably will over the months to come. But through it all, I find myself pining to return to bitch about stuff on the Internet. I enjoy doing these review write-ups, and I especially enjoy that there’s a certain collective of people that seem to enjoy reading them too. I thought the new blog would be a convenient catch-all, where I could just write about whatever I wanted. I included the Futurama rewatch to try to catch lightning in a bottle twice like Me Blog Write Good, but I don’t know if my heart was completely in it. There are also times where I feel like maybe I should pick up with The Simpsons season 22 and ride that train up until the present. I don’t think there’s anything left of that dead, decaying corpse to make new comments on, but as the series continues to barrel on, morbid curiosity continues to plague me. The point is that I don’t know when I will return, what content I’ll have if I do return, or even if I’ll return at all. To anyone who reads this, I sincerely appreciate your interest in my writing over however long you’ve been reading, and I thank you for frequenting the blog. If you have any requests for anything you’d like me to cover, let me know, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll surprise you one of these days. Maybe…

To close, here’s a project I’ve been working on the last few months: a montage supercut of all of the movies of the past year. Well, 238 of them, at least. Hope you enjoy. And share, if you can.

3 thoughts on “The Future?

  1. Mike! You should do whatever appeals to you most, whether that is the Futurama rewatch or reviewing the rest of the Simpsons (soul crushing as that would be). Even if just posting every now and then about something random is all you have time for, there will be people eager to read your thoughts. Count me among them!

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